Zandstra Speed Skates & Accessories
Zandstra Short Track speedskates $189 Zandstra Short Track speed skates (left) are warm and comfortable long-blade skates. Intended primarily for indoor rinks, they can also be used outdoors if the ice is smooth. Plastic boots have removable padded liners. Lots of ankle support. High Carbon Spring Steel blade. Made in the Netherlands.
Euro sizes 29-46 (youth 13 and men's 1-13).
$189 a pair.
New for 2012: Zandstra Long Track speed skates. Zandstra's new Semi-Soft boot combines the comfort of a thick padded liner with the ankle support of a rigid outer shell - while the new European-made Ving blade has a Rockwell hardness of 60, making it superior to any other recreational long track blade. Long Track skates are intended primarily for outdoor use, but they can also be used on indoor rinks at a relaxed pace. European sizes 30-50 (US men's 1-16).
Zandstra Elite Long Track (right)
with Semi-Soft boot & Ving blade $219.
Zandstra Standard Long Track (below right)
with Semi-Soft boot & standard blade $189.
Zandstra Economy Long Track (below)
with standard boot & blade Sale $159. Zandstra Economy Long Track speedskates $159
Zandstra Elite Long Track speedskates $219
Zandstra Standard Long Track speedskates $189
Converts from a fixed blade to a clap skate!
Zandstra Ving clapskate $269-339
Zandstra Ving clap skates (left) have unique long track blades that convert from clap to fixed and back again in seconds, using a removable key. Best of both worlds: Free-heel clap action for rapid acceleration in race conditions. Plus the stability of a fixed blade for recreational skating. Leather or plastic boots have plenty of ankle support. Tool Steel blade, Rockwell 60 hardness. Made in the Netherlands. European sizes 36-49 (US men's 4-14).
Plastic boots: $269.
Leather boots (in photo): $339.
Boot Size Chart
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