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Still Roller Skiing?

Still Roller Skiing?

Yes, most definitely.

Coaches are constantly trying to fine tune their training regiment around a changing season. Some are able to have a couple days of cardio followed by a couple days on snow, while others might be stuck to a strict cardio workout as snow is absent. What better time to get on roller skis? As proof, this picture is a fleet of Ski Skett Shark roller skis with Salomon ProLink Access Skate bindings headed to a team in Massachusetts just last week. The team has been growing rapidly due to consistently successful seasons, which they attribute to incorporating a heavy focus on roller skiing. 

The ski of choice for this team is the Ski Skett Shark as it is very basic and affordable. It does not have any "extras", but has just enough to provide a great workout with reasonable snow-like feel. As students progress, other options are available, like a V2 XLA98M Skating roller ski, which allows for certain training accessories like a speed reducer, which provides resistance to the skier to allow for more rigorous training as well as safe descents--you can roller ski uphill, why not roller ski downhill? Now you can, with the speed reducer. 

In addition to being a great training tool, roller skis are fun and in order to keep kids interested, it needs to be fun. Killing 2 birds with 1 stone is always beneficial!

Nordic Skater rents roller skis, even in bulk form like this, to teams all over the country. Maybe it is time your team takes roller skiing more seriously since all of those teams that have started to incorporate it are seeing good results!!