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V2 XL emergency brake

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The V2 fork-mounted brake is designed to bolt onto the rear fork of V2 XL-series roller skis ONLY. It will not work on any other ski. If you need a universal brake that bolts onto the ski shaft, please order our V2 Universal Emergency Brake instead.

The V2 XL brake is model-specific:

Size 150RC works on the V2 XL150RC only.

Size 150 works on the V2 XL150S, XL150SC, XLA9848 and XLQ9848.

Size 98 works on the V2 XLA98M and XLQ98M only.

Size 900 works on V2 800 and 900 series skis, including the XLA850, XLA910, XLA920, XLA930, XLA940, XLQ910, XLQ920, XLQ930 and XLQ940.

The latest-generation V2 brake is lighter and stronger than ever, and has both vertical and angular adjustments so it can be used with almost any binding position or boot size. The brake can be folded down when not in use - and when it's raised, a spring-loaded plunger locks the brake in the upright position. Only one brake is required for each pair of skis.

When adjusted properly, the brake does not touch your leg until you go into the braking position. When braking, extend your braking leg forward about 18 inches (45 cm) and then you simply pull your knee back. This “Telemark” stance is the most stable position for braking, as the forward leg acts like a brace and keeps you from falling forward as you decelerate.