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V2 Aero XL 150RC Classic Roller Skis

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The V2 Aero XL150RC is a three-wheel classic ski with 6-inch (150mm) inflatable tires - two in the rear and one in the front - making it easy to balance on. The large wheels combined with a stable three-wheel platform make it the top choice for beginning classic skiers.

The XL150RC is #1 in safety, ride comfort and versatility among classic roller skis. The 6-inch pneumatic wheels can be used on surfaces where it’s impossible to ski with smaller wheels - such as dirt roads, crushed limestone trails, chip-and-seal pavement, and close-mowed grass. On asphalt and concrete the inflatable tires provide an extremely smooth ride. XL150RC skis simply roll over debris that can stop small-wheel skis in their tracks. And because Speed Reducers and brakes are much more effective on inflatable tires than on solid rubber wheels, the XL150RC gives you an extra safety margin in hilly and mountainous terrain.

This item consists of bare skis without bindings or brakes.

If you are over 200lbs, please choose the HD model!



Weight per pair:2800g/6.16 pounds

Ground Clearance:25mm rear/31 mm front

Wheel Diameter:150mm front/150mm rear

Wheel Width: 31mm/1.2 inches

Optional Speed Reducer: ATR150XL

Optional Brake: BXL125RC

Replacement Wheels: W150C Front, W150 Rear