Roller Ski rentals are available! Call us for more information.

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Rental Roller Skis

Roller Ski Rentals

Want to train year round? Want to try a new sport that's both fun and will get you in better shape? Sounds like you do, but you aren't sure you want to make the investment. That is why Nordic Skater offers our rent to own program.

The program starts with a consultation with one of our roller ski experts to get you the best roller skis based on your needs, then we send out your equipment. You then can use the equipment as if it is your own, get good use out of the equipment. You keep the equipment for 2 weeks, if you fall in love just give us a call and we can turn your rental into a purchase. That is right, your rental cost gets applied to the purchase price. If you decide you do not want the equipment after 2 weeks, simply let us know and send it back. We will work with you to find something that you will love!