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Swenor Fibreglass Classic Roller Skis

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New low price! Swenor's flexible shaft and low swing weight give the ski a remarkable on-snow feel that makes it a favorite of high school and college athletes as well as post-college elite racers.

Swenor's composite shafts are built using thin layers of lightweight wood, sandwiched and bonded together with space-age epoxy resins, inside a special mold which gives the skis their camber. They are then wrapped with carbon fiber and fiberglass. The result is a ski that feels like a classic ski on snow, while it handles the rigors of the harsh road environment. The light wood core damps out road vibrations and reduces skier fatigue, while the carbon fiber and fiberglass add stiffness, strength and durability to withstand impacts from sharp objects on the road surface.


Other wheel speeds available on request.