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Ving Upp Nordic Skate Sharpening Kit

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The all-new VING UPP jig sharpens all brands, models and lengths of Nordic Skate ice blades, regardless of the binding type (SNS, NNN, BC etc.). lt has unique system that brings the blades into the proper position for sharpening.

traditional jig clamps onto the steel blades. In contrast, with the UPP jig, the aluminum platforms of the Nordic Skates are pressed upward against the upper bracket of the jigThis is done by using the included allen wrench to tighten a steel through-bolt to create the upward pressure. The bolt should be turned firmly, but not too firm.

The most important features of the UPP jig are:

Compact, lightweight, easy to carry

Blades are clamped easily and firmly

* Bindings can stay on the skate during sharpening. This is an important advantage. 

Few moving parts. The UPP is a one-piece aluminium extrusion.

It even sharpens worn-down blades with just a few millimeters of steel left.

All sizes fit in the UPP

8 non-skid feet make the UPP stay put

A 10x3-inch Zandstra Standard sharpening stone and a 2.5x1-inch deburring stone are included in the kit. The Zandstra Foss Diamond Stone is also available as an extra-cost option.

Please note that this jig CANNOT be used to sharpen wide-platform Isvidda Multiskates or Lundhags Multiskates. It can only be used on standard-width aluminum platforms such as Zandstra Delta, Zandstra NIS, Lundhags T-Skate, Lundhags Nordic Skate and Isvidda Nordic Skate.