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    For a consolidated list of ice condition resources, click on the links below: MAINE MASSACHUSETTS eastern: western: NEW ENGLAND (primarily MA & NH) NEW HAMPSHIRE (this...
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  • Still Roller Skiing?

    Still Roller Skiing?

    Yes, most definitely. Coaches are constantly trying to fine tune their training regiment around a changing season. Some are able to have a couple days of cardio followed by a...
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  • First time on skis!

    First time on skis!

    Do you remember your first time on skis? I don't remember the skiing, but I remember the tears and my mother repeatedly dragging me back up the oh-so-gradual slope while...
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  • A Rossignol bike?

    A Rossignol bike?

    Yep, one way to have "another best day" is to do it on a bike. I've been wanting to get back into Mountain Biking and sure enough, Rossignol had the...
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  • ICE IS IN!

    ICE IS IN!

    I know folks in Alaska and elsewhere have had some good ice for a few weeks now, but in New England, we rarely have solid ice by Thanksgiving day. However,...
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  • New Website!!

    New Website!!

    We are excited to release our NEW WEBSITE! Please let us know if you encounter any areas that need work or if you have any  recommendations to support you, the...
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